About Us

Welcome to Wolhd, a studio for handmade and custom-made clothes.

What Wolhd do

Wolhd are committed to making comfortable and suitable clothes for women.

Many women give up their favorite clothes because of size issues. But no one piece of clothing is unsuitable. We tailor-made clothes for women, so as not to give up their beloved clothes due to inappropriate sizes.

Creation of Wolhd

Hello, I am Wolwol, the founder of Wolhd. I like to design clothes and enjoy the process of making clothes. Making clothes makes me happy, and letting women wear clothes that suit her makes me glad. This is my original intention and motivation for creating Wolhd.

I like something simpler and more interesting. So I add these little ideas to Wolhd's clothes (Have you found these little ideas?).

Well, I think you have discovered that Wolhd's clothes are loose and comfortable. Yes, that is my style, I like comfortable but interesting clothes. I hope you like it too.

Have a good day!